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the job.

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Employers: How Marcom Choices Staffing Can Benefit You and
Your Company


Tell us exactly what you want, either a contractor or a new member of your full-time staff and we will spend our time matching all the skills you want and present only the truly qualified candidates.

WE KNOW OUR STUFF. We are knowledgeable about the skills and attributes needed in sales, product marketing and corporate communications for the high-tech industries.

Are your critical projects going undone because you don’t have anyone to do them now and you don’t have the budget to add another full-time employee? WE CAN FIND YOU LOCAL, QUALIFIED CONTRACTORS, EXPERIENCED IN YOUR INDUSTRY, QUICKLY AND AT LOW COST.

You’ll pay reasonable hourly rates, usually much lower than Marketing Agencies charge for project consulting fees, and your contractor can work “inside” your organization, keeping your projects fully on-track. We take care of payroll and withholding, benefits and liability insurance for the contractor with our expert payroll partner, and you don’t have the expense of hiring a new employee, or the problems of laying them off when your project is complete.

Are you spending too much time sifting through mountains of resumes of unqualified (wannabee) candidates instead of reviewing only pre-screened, qualified candidates for consideration?.
WE SAVE YOU TIME—WE SAVE YOU MONEY. We are experts at quickly reviewing and matching the appropriate candidates, saving you precious time in filling critical positions that cost you money when they go unfilled.

Ever try “headhunting” yourself?

WE CAN DO THE HARD STUFF FOR YOU. It’s a time consuming and tricky endeavor that we are experts at. Our clients have found that utilizing a third party recruiter for filling full-time positions, discreetly calling your competitors to uncover desirable, hard-to-find talent is preferable. We seek out passive candidates who meet your criteria. And we have many resources and existing contacts in the industry you probably don’t have, because that’s our business.

Your company’s reputation is at stake in attracting top candidates.
WE’RE PROFESSIONAL. We have an established reputation in the marketing community for high quality, honest, and discreet service, so we attract high caliber candidates. Candidates find us easy to work with, helpful and knowledgeable. And we represent you the way you would.

Don’t you hate it when the one you want gets away?

PLEASING THE CANDIDATE is what we know how to do. We assist you in keeping the good candidates interested in your company and can help you in the negotiations so that you get the candidate you want hired in a timely manner, with the terms you and your candidate will both be pleased with.

Perhaps you’ve hated talking with other agency recruiters because they are always trying to “sell” you on a candidate you don’t like or want.

WE’RE GOOD PEOPLE TO WORK WITH AND PLEASANTLY HELPFUL . We will take the time to get to know you better so we can better serve you, and we can offer expert advice if you need it about the recruitment or contractor process or any changes in the marketplace we find in the process.

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