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Marcom Choices Staffing

Letter to hiring managers and
corporate staffing professionals:

Do you have openings in your product marketing and corporate communications departments that urgently need filling?  Or do you need a consultant or contractor to manage your projects on a temporary basis?

Marcom Choices Staffing is the solution of choice, a San Francisco/San Jose based executive search agency uniquely tapped into a talented, experienced pool of marketing professionals in Silicon Valley since 1995.

As active members of the major professional marketing associations and networking circles, we have regular contact with top talent and hard-to-find marketing employees and contractors. And we have a unique, proprietary database of active and passive job candidates who would be interested in an exciting career move.    

Most important, our recruiters are seasoned professionals with the expertise to find you the right candidate in high-tech marketing, corporate communications, sales and related disciplines. Our recruiting team has years of experience working in these professional disciplines before focusing on a recruiting career.  We understand the skills and job requirements to successfully match and recruit top marketing talent.

Marcom Choices will partner with you to represent your company’s interests. We have served start-ups, mid-sized and major Fortune 500 corporations. Our relationship with corporate HR, as well as the hiring managers is the key to our success. You will find us eager to work within your process for hiring.

We seek out and pre-screen the candidates for you, narrowing the field to those qualified candidates who meet your criteria before presenting them…saving you lots of time!

We offer these services at no risk to you. Everything is done on a contingency basis. You don't pay us a fee unless we find you the candidate you want to hire.

Call (650) 851-9055, or email us at info@marcomchoices.com to get our help right away. Click here for more information about the benefits of working with Marcom Choices Staffing.

Elizabeth Caselton
Owner, Marcom Choices Staffing Company


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