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How to Submit a Resume to Marcom Choices Staffing that Gets Our Attention


We look at hundreds of resumes every week. You want your resume to stand out, not only to get us to notice it, but for employers as well. Here are some tips on how to write a great resume.

We really want to place you in the job you’re looking for. In order to do that quickly and efficiently, we will give priority to resumes accompanied by a cover letter with the answers to the following key questions:

1. Your current Job Title or last position held.
2. Job title(s) you’re looking for.
3. Years of experience in the area of expertise you’re looking for (i.e. marcom, PR, product marketing, Internet marketing, trade shows, etc.)
4. Are you currently employed?
5. All significant product and/or services experience (i.e. semiconductor, telecom, networking, enterprise software, etc.)
6. All significant customer industries you are marketing your products to (i.e. manufacturers (list type of companies), financial, health, consumers etc.).
7. Education including all degrees.
8. Job skills, strengths and/or responsibilities (i.e. number of people reporting to you, types of programs you are responsible for, writing skills, design skills, key job functions etc.).
9. Base salary range you’re looking for.
10. If contract, desired hourly rate.
11. Will you relocate to another state or city and to where?
12. How far in miles will you commute?

Here's an article about how to write a great resume. Here's another useful resource with tips on using goal setting to help you find the ideal job or to move up in your career.

Please email Marcom Choices your resume and cover letter, we get new openings regularly.

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