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Here are Some Secrets for Writing a Successful Resume that Will Get You the Interview

First, it’s important to remember that people who read resumes are often reading lots of them and they are either impatient or even tired of looking at them. In order to attract attention to your resume, make things efficient for the resume reader.

Target your resume to the job description of the company you’re sending it to.

How do you do this? Read the job description carefully. What exactly are they asking for? How many years of experience in a certain technical field do they want? What job skills are they looking for? What kind of business or product industry are they in?

If you put the answers to their major questions in a “professional summary” at the top of your resume, they’re much more likely to read it….and to see you as a good candidate for the position.
You’ve saved them time and energy…they’re bound to appreciate that.

They want to know:

How many years of experience do you have in their industry or with their type of products?
How many years of experience do you have in the type of position or discipline?
What are your significant skills and most important achievements that relate to the position and the employer?
What are your personal attributes that make you a great candidate?

Writing a great resume often requires tailoring it to fit different employers and the job posting by simply modifying it to emphasize your skills and experience that they are looking for, and downplaying (but not deleting) the aspects about you that are less relevant to them.

Our recruiters and staffing advisors here at Marcom Choices are trained to help you in this process and to advise you about the client’s “hot buttons” and how they evaluate and select candidates for interviewing.

Good luck and best wishes.
The People at Marcom Choices Staffing

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